Boycott 2002 Kid's Friend
Japanese eat whale meat and Korean eat dog meat. Two countries are co-hosts of 2002 FIFA World Cup. They said that this worldcup will become a 'green Worldcup'. Is this the truth? What is our next step? More... The Nu-rung-i (yellow dog) eaten by Korean are very smart and faithful dog. 20 years ago they keep guard houses and villages and frisk with kids. Recently they are raised only for meat. They are the most pitiful animals in the world.
Dog meat is Chinese custom Narcotic dog meat
??? ??? ??? Eating dog meat was started with the first Chinese Kingdom, Shang Dynasty. Korean originated in riding tribe never ate their lovely dog as other nomadic races. But many dog eaters misunderstood that this barbaric habit is original one of Korea. Dog meat eaters often distort historic evidences. More... ????? Dog meat stew restaurants that added poppy to dish and dog breeders who feeded dogs on hemps were arrested in last summer. They used it for enticement of customers. Nevertheless, many eaters are not care about it. Dog meat is consider as the habit-forming 'sinister' one. Because protein structure of dog meat is similar to human protein.
Legalization of dog meat Textbook instigates teens

Rep. Kim Hong Shin and 6 assemblymen want to bury their evildoing. But we will never forget thier name and wicked acts. After 2002 FIFA World Cup, they may plan mischief again. More...

The society textbook of middle school agitating Boshintang and distorted nationalism will be eliminate in next year. We were annoyed by repeated foolish questions of young eating worriers.
Taiwan and Thailand Large Dogfarm For Meat

In Taiwan(02/01/2001) and Thailand (10/07/2000), commercial dog slaughtering was prohibited by law. But Korean Government do not listen attentively to animal lover's sorrow. Korea seems to be the suzerain of dog meat. We must show our resentment and anger through our demo against them. More...

Recently, in Northern Jeju(Cheju), in JeJu(Cheju) Island, Korea, a "legal" dog breeding farm for meat was created in a large size (see photo). Northern Jeju is the region which breeds and supplies the most number of dog for eating nation wide. More...

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