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Yong-Geun Ann("Dr. Dogmeat"), the professor of food and nutrition at Chung-chung college has been the center of attention these days. On May 25, he will have a presentation of processed foodstuffs and cosmetics made from dog meat.

Many kinds of traditional foods and western foods fermented or mixed with dog meat will be released. And several kinds of cosmetics such as skin cream(5% of dog-oil content), skin essence (10%") and skin emulsion (15%") will be presented there. He has developed them cooperating with the cosmetics company "You&I", using dog-oil which is three times as much calcium as any other animal oil and has an affinity for the skin.

He said that he would hold this event to make foreigners understand eating dog meat and to legalize the dog meat for food. He would even plan to present the dog-oil cosmetics to the foreign reporters sent to cover the Worldcup in Korea.

Korean Protest Summer Schedule

Hi! Everyone:
We will be holding 4 protests this summer to protest the barbaric cat and dog meat trade 
in South Korea. The first 3 are to coordinate with the 3 "BOK" Days in South Korea. 
The "BOK" days are days in which South Korea's sub-human savagery kicks into high gear, 
and they eat more dog meat then any other time of the year!

To relieve "summer heat", or any other bogus myth they invent, to justify this barbarism! 

And of course, so the greedy, conscienceless dog butchers can profit from these poor animals misery! 

Please help us educate the public on this horrendous animal abuse, and 
show the Korean Government we will continue our protests till they join the human race, 
and stop torturing, murdering, and consuming innocent, loving companion animals once 
and for all!

July 11th   - Thursday   460 Park Avenue

July 21st   - Sunday     Central Park @
                         Columbus Circle/59th Street*

August 11th - Sunday     Central Park @
                         Columbus Circle/59th Street*

Sept   12th - Thursday   460 Park Avenue

* Meet at the SW entrance in the "courtyard"

Hope to see you all at some/all of these important educational protests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take Care, Greg  (516) 933-7466

Dogaid Australia(

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